Monday, 20 May 2013

Citizen Science at the 2013 Science Communication Conference

Dr Michael Pocock, along with many scientists at CEH, regularly works with members of the public on what are often termed 'citizen science' projects, broadly defined as projects which involved volunteers in science. It's a strength of CEH's work, and one which builds heavily on many decades of coordination of biological recording across the UK.

Last week Michael and CEH colleague Dr Helen Roy took their places on the panel at the citizen science session at the UK's major Science Communication Conference which took place at Kings Place in London on the 16th and 17th May.

As well as four talks from citizen science practioners, the session included much discussion over the future directions that citizen science could take in this country, and globally. Many of the topics discussed were explored in more detail in a major report that CEH staff worked in 2012 which reviewed more than 200 citizen science projects from around the world.

Michael and I have created a Storify of the session here. It was a communication conference so there were plenty of tweets to choose from for the storify, including several comments from the Chief Executive of the British Science Association, Imran Khan.

Read more details or download a copy of the 2012 citizen science review and accompanying practical guide here.

The next big 'citizen science' project led by CEH is the 2nd annual National Farm Pollinator Survey, taking place on Open Farm Sunday on 9 June.

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