Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Crowd-sourced soil data for Europe; and the Globe?

CEH scientists worked with our NERC colleagues in the British Geological Survey on the development of the mySoil app, which was released for iOS in June 2012 and has since gained more than 12,000 users. The developers are now hoping to expand it further:

mySoil is a free smartphone app (downloadable at the iTunes App Store), originally for the United Kingdom and recently expanded to cover Europe with contributions from the Met Office in the UK and the Joint Research Centre, Italy. mySoil contains a soil properties map with basic information on soil texture, pH and vegetation habitat. It also has the ability to crowd source geo-referenced data. We are continuing to expand the capabilities of mySoil and would be interested in hearing from groups who might help with data to take this effort global.

David A Robinson.

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