Friday, 25 July 2014

Royal Meteorological Society members visit CEH

Members of the Royal Meteorological Society's Meteorological Observing Systems Special Interest Group have paid a visit to CEH to learn more about aspects of our monitoring work. The visitors were given a tour of our Meteorological Station at Wallingford (thankfully the weather was warm and sunny at the time!) and also heard more details about its history and observations from site manager Katie Muchan:

The visitors also heard a presentation from Dr Gareth Old about CEH's River Lambourn Observatory and research into chalk river systems:

Dr Jonathan Evans of CEH also presented on progress and early results from COSMOS-UK, the UK soil moisture monitoring network. The network will deliver real-time weather monitoring and field scale measurements of soil moisture across the United Kingdom.

Members of the RMetS Special Interest Group on Meteorological Observing Systems visit
CEH's Wallingford Meteorological Station, July 2014. Photo: Paul Fisher/ CEH

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